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Paolo Calore: spray painter, airbrusher, general handyman and cnc operator. previoulsy employed in Turin with a renowned autombile company, that is no longer Italian, guess which?

Andy, Craig and Phil, brothers in arms, (DNA included) uprating and bodykit specialists, if it's resin or metal, they know! they've eaten it as well.

Emile "Rousseau" Dubois, a grand master in sound and hitech equipment....If he says it doesn't fit then, it doesn't!

Chris "the peacock" Mitchell, not related to other Mitchells in London. A mechanic by trade and inventor by night, Nitro kits and hi performance unit installer.

Then there's Kathy, our office manageress, second mum and our hot glue! She did not want her photo online......She's on Facebook though!

Please come and visit our merchandise and parts shop.

We stock a variety of aftermarket kits, alloys, shocks, nitro kits,

software and ecu remapping kits, accessories, stickers, headgear,

jackets, shirts and more.


cars & bikes

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